Vodka 420 THC Drink

High Achiever - hybrid
** Non Alcohol** Vodka flavored- The 420 High Achiever is an all-natural alcohol alternative that is 100% spirit free. This low-calorie beverage is made from all-natural botanicals, satisfying your palate and offering you a safe and discreet way to indulge in cannabis. The progression of Cannabinoids-infused drinks in the mixology realm serves the growing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives. Our exclusive, medical-grade nanotechnology ensures optimal absorption and a pure, hygienic outcome. Features: Vodka: Passionately Crafted, Vodka Non-Alcoholic Shot made with the classic Russian style vodka flavor Simple, smooth, and light taste in mind resulting in the flavor, fragrance, and sensation of Vodka in a low-calorie and carbs drink. Each drink is 120ml. 10 Calories Per Bottle. Contains 60mg of Delta 9 THC. Zero Alcohol.
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